What is Liking for Biking?

By: Stephanie Rogers


Most people know that I enjoy sports and being active – which is a good thing since I oversee the Outdoor Adventure Series for Visit Wabash County. When I moved back to Wabash a few years ago, I heard about this newer program called Liking for Biking. At the time, I was a new mom, figuring out what work/life/health balance looked like. Fast forward a few years, I am still learning how to balance it all but Liking for Biking has certainly been a great motivator. 

Liking for Biking is family-friendly!

What I love about this program is how inclusive it is. I am not an avid rider, in fact, I purchased my bike 20 years ago from a college friend who wanted to upgrade her cycling bike. For $100 I purchased her Walmart Road Schwinn and I have been riding it ever since. The rigid bike seat is definitely not made for long distances and I don’t own any padded shorts or official cycling gear. I toss my bike in the back of my truck and show up in my athletic wear, helmet, and breathe in the fresh air for 60 minutes.  

Everyone’s reason for participating is different. It’s a modge-podge group of riders with various skill levels, ages, and investments in cycling equipment. There are mountain bikes and road bikes, recumbent and e-bikes, oh my! For some, it’s a socializing hour to meet and mingle with other active people in our community. For some, they are training for an organized ride like the Dam to Dam Century Ride. For some, they take advantage of the free health assessment (thanks to Parkview Wabash Hospital) where they can set their summer goals and work toward them over the next couple of months. For others, it’s a way to keep their body in motion.

Group picture during Liking for Biking

In my current season of life, I love bringing my daughter along with me. We may not be able to ride as far or as long, but each time out we create memories and build endurance. I love that my daughter can see other people in our community being active (it’s not just mom nagging about getting outside). They welcome and encourage my young, impressionable daughter and I can see the wheels turning (pun intended) and the confidence building in her.

Stephanie and Andrea at Liking for Biking.
Stephanie and Andrea at Liking for Biking.

As an added bonus, Parkview Wabash Hospital has chosen to support Liking for Biking by being a community health partner. If the above reasons weren’t great enough, they provide attendance incentives for program participants. These include a free t-shirt given out in the month of May and attendance rewards which are distributed at the end of the riding season. It’s a little added bonus to work towards each summer. In the past, gift cards have included local restaurants, Downtown Bucks, Alley Cat Outfitters, Honeywell Arts & Entertainment which can be used at any of their properties, and more!

Liking for Biking Club in Wabash Indiana.
Andrea and Jemma riding along with the big kids during Liking for Biking

Overall, Liking for Biking provides an excellent opportunity for the community to come together, exercise, explore the area, and simply have a great time on two wheels. For those interested in the event, they can expect a supportive community, a chance to improve their physical fitness, and the joy of discovering the beauty of Wabash County. I hope you join us this year when it kicks off on the beginning of May!