Stephanie Rogers


I have a daughter in 1st grade. My family and I love to travel. I play basketball and volleyball and go on family bike rides. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, trivia, karaoke, and exploring parks. We are involved in church and youth activities.

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Adam Stakeman


I moved to Wabash County in 2004. I have 2 boys (15 and 19 yo) and since they were born we have enjoyed exploring the parks, trails, and reservoirs in the area. From biking and running on the Wabash River Trail to canoeing and camping at Salamonie Reservoir, Wabash County offers tremendous opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Mixing in a beautiful and vibrant walkable downtown with a movie theater, candy shops, and fun local restaurants, I could not imagine a better place to raise a family.

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Neil Bever


In our small town, where my wife and I juggle our small businesses, Saturdays are about giving my wife a bit of dedicated work time.  I take the kids on a laid-back adventure. We hit up the Wabash County museum to let the kids loose in the play area, maybe run into some friends, or make new ones. Later, we walk down to Modoc’s – I grab a coffee, the kids get their hands on some donuts, and we snag a chai with a shot of espresso for my wife. After sitting on the elephant statues (the kids have nicknames for their favorites), and if the kids have earned it, we might swing by J&K Mega Pet for a quick peek at the fishes and lizards. Even on a quiet Saturday, we have lots of family-friendly things to do in Wabash County.

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Biz Bishop


I was born and raised in Wabash County, I attended Wabash High School. After college, I moved to southern Indiana where my husband, Brad, had an established job. We lived in southern Indiana until the summer of 2022 when I made my way back to my hometown. On Saturdays in the warmer months, you will find Brad and I at Modoc’s before hitting up the Farmer’s Market for some loaded breakfast tots from Emmett’s Paddy Wagon. I enjoy all the outdoor adventures that can be found year round.



Jan Roland


I moved here 30 years ago for my job. We fell in love with the town and the people. Wabash is a wonderful place to raise children. Schools truly care about your child. People here welcomed us fully. There are so many opportunities for community involvement. I have been involved with Wabash City Council, Wabash County United Fund, Visit Wabash County, Downtown Wabash, and Wabash Rotary. If you have a heart for service this is the place for you. We all work together to make things happen in this county, from helping renovate a historic theatre to re-developing the small towns in our county. Wabash County is the best place to live

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Chelsea Parson


Chelsea Parson has lived in Wabash for over 7 years. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Chelsea became a proud “transplant” to Wabash in 2016 and has gotten involved in a great deal of community activities. On any given day you can find her walking or biking along the Wabash River Trail, taking in a movie at the Eagles Theatre or 13-24 Drive-In, or catching up with friends at Moon Dog or the Charley Creek Wine & Cheese Shoppe! Chelsea loves to talk about her journey to Wabash and how she found her place in this community, and she’d love to chat with you and help you find the people, places, and things that help make Wabash feel like home for you too!

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Heather Cruz


I was born and raised in Wabash County. After graduating from Manchester Community Schools and attending Manchester University for two years, I moved to Hamilton County for almost a decade. Although I enjoyed my time there, Wabash County is home, and I moved back and started a family. I am married to another lifelong Wabash County resident, and graduate of Southwood HS. I have three stepchildren, ages 13-19, who all attended/are attending Northfield schools. I also have a four-year-old of my own. I am the Executive Director of Manchester Alive, which serves as North Manchester’s Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Foundation. I not only enjoy this community in my personal time, but I have chosen a profession that focuses on celebrating and improving the experiences of those living in and visiting our awesome county. I live in Laketon, which is rural North Manchester.

I have two dogs, a flock of chickens, and an insane amount of outdoor cats. Although not a cat person, I think I have made it my personal mission to care for and vet the stray population in Laketon 🙂 I love landscaping and gardening, really anything that allows me to dig in the dirt. I recently built a small greenhouse on my property. I am involved in my small local church, which I have attended my whole life, except when living in Hamilton County. I am a family girl. I love my family, and caring for my family is my focus. I see my parents every day as they also live in Wabash County, and have their whole lives. Wabash County feels like an extension of my family. I know people everywhere I go, and almost everyone is kind and invested in each other. Whether it be church family, local community members, or colleagues, Wabash County residents care about your well-being and what is happening in your life. Our county is full of amazing hidden treasures as well. My husband and I love to mushroom hunt. There are hundreds of acres in our county teeming with wildlife, lush green landscapes, trails, creeks, and all the other beautiful things nature has to offer. All within not more than a 25-minute drive from my home, and many are closer. Although I was lucky enough to grow up here, I did spend some time away, and I still believe I would love this county just as much if I was a first-time resident upon moving back. It just feels like HOME!

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Bob Lundquist


I’ve been a lifelong resident of Wabash County. I’ve been active in the Real Estate business for over 42 years. I also served on the Wabash City Fire Department for 20 years. I love Wabash County and all the amenities a safe and friendly rural community has to offer. I would be happy to help potential new residents become familiar with our communities and make the move to Wabash County.

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Amanda Boggs


Lived in Wabash County for 35 years. Have worked in management and customer service for nearly 30 years. Married to my HS sweetheart for over 30 years. Together we have 3 children (2 married) and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with them boating, camping, hiking, etc. I also love being part of my local church community. In my spare time, I enjoy using my real estate license to assist clients in finding the home of their dreams or planning special events through my event coordinating and floral business. Wabash has provided the best opportunities to grow my family, my relationships, and my business experiences.

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Julie Garber from North Manchester

Julie Garber


I have worked for nonprofits (MU, publishing, Community Foundation) throughout my career. I love big projects, problem-solving, and community development. When I’m not working, I enjoy adventure travel, distance hiking, and learning about things I didn’t know before (economics, the new Cuban constitution, environmental sustainability, architecture, science, everything!). I live on the river, right beside the covered bridge, and enjoy taking care of a garden full of native plants. The river has become a popular kayaking and canoeing super highway. I and a group of friends like to plant lawn chairs in the river when the water is low and the air is hot. We chat up the boaters, cook out, and enjoy river life.

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Julie Dickey


Transplanted from California in 2021. I own a restaurant in the downtown historic district called 4 Partners in Crime – soon to be Partners Eatery. From day one the community has been welcoming, supportive, and enthusiastic about my adventure here. When I first met Wabash I was immediately taken in by the authenticity, hard work, and pride that the community as a whole has for this city/county. So many people are continuously working diligently to make it the BEST place to live, work, and raise a family. In my humble opinion, they are winning! The Riverfront District and Cultural Arts District designations are just a small glimpse of that. I love that instead of tearing old buildings down they are revitalizing them and bringing them back to life. To be able to participate in that is so satisfying and makes my artist’s heart happy.

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Carly Hawkins


I’ve grown up in Wabash County my whole life! Born and raised, and still living here. I’m a full-time, commuter student at Indiana University Kokomo, studying & interested in all things marketing and communications. When I’m not in class, you can find me in the heart of Downtown Wabash working at Downtown Wabash, Inc., planning events for the community like Wabash First Fridays and the Downtown Wabash Farmers Market. I’m a lover of all things local, a big coffee drinker, and an avid Mexican foodie. Most young adults leave their hometown as soon as they get the chance, but not me. I clung to the warmth, vibrancy, and opportunity for growth that Wabash County offers. There’s been something to keep me here and fill my cup in every stage of my life so far. Something that fills my cup the most is hearing people from bigger cities fall in love with this charming Indiana County. They love how inviting and accepting the people are, how diverse the offerings are, and how above all else, a united community stands at the forefront! I couldn’t agree more. I could go on all day about Wabash County, but that’s the gist.

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Mike Barnett


Oil painting lawyer who enjoys gardening and volunteering with organizations in my community. I enjoy shopping and eating at our locally-owned establishments. One of my favorite things about living in Wabash is how easy and fun it is to be involved.

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Payton Deeter


I currently am a real estate agent. My job revolves around helping people find the right housing option in Wabash Co. I also teach business classes at Northfield and Southwood High School, helping prepare the next generation as best as possible before they enter the workforce and begin to give back to Wabash Co. themselves. I also love baseball- I coach/umpire at Wabash Little League. My favorite thing about living in Wabash Co. is the sense of community everyone has. I feel like people are always so willing to go out of their way to help/support people in need. I also feel this small town is always going the extra mile to celebrate any and every achievement, making everyone feel valued in their role in the community.

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Beth Miller


I am a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I spent most of my working years in the not-for-profit sector including 15 years at the Chamber of Commerce. I am now a realtor. I have also volunteered for many organizations. I am a member of Kiwanis, Elks, Wabash Area Community Theater, and Wabash Christian Church. I moved to Wabash in 1975 and have made it my home. I love the town and market it to everyone. I was at a conference and another acquaintance said I spent 20 minutes telling her what a great place Wabash is and encouraging her to visit. I would only like to see Wabash continue to prosper.

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Jacob Sweet


I am Jacob Sweet, and I am originally from Hicksville, OH, but attended college at Manchester University from 2012-2016. I returned to work at Manchester University in 2017 as an admissions counselor. I am currently in my 6th year in admissions and am currently an assistant director. My soon-to-be wife and I live with our dog and cat and own a house in North Manchester. My parents just moved to North Manchester after living in my hometown for over 40 years. They are really enjoying it! I enjoy running and being involved in the community. What I love the most about Wabash County is the sense of community and support. It’s truly a special place to live.

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