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ACRES National Take-A-Hike-Day: Swift Grand Tour

Join ACRES volunteers Janelle and Larry as you swiftly hike around Huntington, Wabash, and Miami County! Fuel up your vehicle and join in this fast-walking six-mile grand tour with built-in breaks as you are caravaning from preserve to preserve. Restrooms available at Asherwood. Concludes with sunset views of the Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa Landmark.…

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5 Spots for Nature Enthusiasts in Wabash County

Spring has sprung (clich√© I know)! It’s time to turn off the Game of Thrones marathon and bust out our hiking boots. Wabash County has an abundance of public trails to explore whether you like a nice leisurely stroll or a more challenging climb there’s a trail calling your name. Asherwood {7496 W. SR 124,…

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