By: Neil Bever

You signed up for the Run the River…and that felt awesome!

You went for your first run to start training and the run didn’t feel good, but you posted about it and everyone rooted you on, and that felt awesome too!

Then your next few runs actually felt better and you felt like maybe you could be a real runner, and that felt even MORE awesome!

Then you missed a run because you were busy. 

Then your knee hurt when you were on a run. 

Then it was hot outside.

And all that sucked. 

We’re only a month away from the Run the River, and you’ve already lost your motivation.

This. Is. Normal.

Motivation doesn’t last. Staying motivated takes a lot of energy. That’s why staying motivated is overrated. You don’t have to go out and kill every workout. Instead, you need to build habits that make running more accessible to fit into your schedule. 

  1. Put it on your calendar.

If you try to fit running around your schedule, you will always find excuses. If you make running a priority in your day, there will always be time for it.

  1. Run with a friend.

If you’re having a hard time finding the time for running, you can piggyback off spending time with friends by adding running into the mix! If your friends don’t like running, find new friends. Ok, that was harsh and not even true. If your friends don’t like running, you can join the Wabash Running Club that meets at the Y every Saturday! Mixing social time with exercise is also a great way to have some accountability with your schedule.

There will be times in your training when you don’t want to show up, but if you can stick to your routine you’ll be amazed at what your body can do!