Fueling The Ride

By: Alley Cat Outfitters

With Dam to Dam coming ever closer, Alley Cat Outfitters is starting a series based on helping you have the BEST possible experience! This blog post will cover The Science Behind 60-120g of Carbs per Hour.

When we hit the road or trail, our bodies become high-performance machines, and just like a car needs fuel to run, we need carbs to power through those miles. Carbohydrates are our primary source of energy, and here’s why that 60-120g per hour sweet spot matters:

Variety is Key: Not all carbs are created equal! A mix of simple and complex carbs is ideal. Quick-absorbing sugars (gels and blocks) give an instant energy boost, while slower-digesting carbs (bars) provide a sustained release of energy.

Sustained Energy: Carbs are like our energy bank. They get converted into glucose, which fuels our muscles and keeps us going strong. Consuming 60-120g of carbs per hour ensures a steady flow of energy, preventing that dreaded ‘bonk’ where energy crashes and the pedals feel like lead.

Intensity Matters: The more intense the ride, the more carbs we burn. High-intensity rides demand more energy, so we need to refuel more frequently to maintain performance. That’s where those extra grams come into play.

Metabolism Boost: Cycling demands a lot from our metabolism. Regular carb intake during rides keeps our metabolism revved up, promoting efficient energy utilization and endurance.

Don’t Forget About Electrolytes: Alongside carbs, electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium are crucial to maintain hydration and prevent cramps. Some sports drinks, like Tailwind or Skratch, offer a convenient combo of carbs and electrolytes.

Remember, every cyclist’s needs differ based on factors like weight, intensity, and even the weather. It’s essential to listen to your body and adjust your carb intake accordingly. The previous pictures show different products you can consume every hour to stay fueled. Swing by Alley Cat Outfitters before Dam to Dam and let us help find what works for you!