A Time Travel Tour of Downtown Wabash, Indiana

Pictured is the courthouse and arch light

Explore the Wabash Cultural District

Step into the rich tapestry of history with a visit to the Wabash Cultural District, nestled in Downtown Wabash, Indiana. Embark on a guided tour by Shane Waters, Wabash’s own podcaster, that promises a journey through time, offering glimpses into the city’s captivating past.

Learn more about Shane Waters HERE!


Tour Details & Instructions

  • Start on Market Street, across from the parking lot, under the Alley Walk Sign that says “Market”

  • Walk at a slow comfortable pace

  • Stop at intersections and wait for directions

  • The ending spot is at the Wabash County Museum

  • Tour lasts 35 minutes, a little over 1/2 mile, no hills, and is wheelchair and stroller accessible.