A Day in Downtown Wabash with My Friends

By: Victoria Lopez

My friends and I went downtown to Wabash not too long ago. We spent the day downtown due to a conflict with a school field trip. Our school had planned a field trip to Chicago but that interfered with our annual spring dance recital. We decided to go downtown instead.

Victoria and her friends at Eugenia’s

Our first stop was lunch at Eugenia’s with our moms. We chose Eugenia’s because we thought there would be something for everyone and the food is also delicious!

Then we went to a lot of stores that were downtown. The first shop we went to was Lily’s-N-Things. My favorite part was all of the accessories there. Then we went to Wooden Ivy. I loved all of the different types of clothing. They also have other things to decorate your home.

After that, we went to Bellazo. They have so many unique things there. My friends and I were very curious about these mood rings. Mine turned teal, which means I’m active. 

Then we went to the bookstore. I almost got lost in there. It was the biggest bookstore that I’ve ever been in! One of my friends had a huge pile of books because she loves to read!

Victoria and her friends at Downtown Nutrition

Next, we walked uphill to my mom’s office (Transform Consulting Group) and stopped in for some delicious cake pops! In her office, we turned on some music and had a dance party with our cake pops!

On our way back, we got some Downtown Nutrition. I got the Chocolate with Oreo shake. To go along with our shakes we went to the Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe in Charley Creek! I got chocolate rocks and blue-flavored FunDip!

Victoria and her friends at Charley Creek Inn Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe

It was a very fun day. I hope to do it again in the future! I encourage you to go explore downtown with your friends!

Victoria and her friends in downtown wabash
Victoria and her friends in Downtown Wabash