7496 W State Road 124, Wabash


Asherwood’s wooded trails take visitors through a forest divided by deep ravines. Asher Creek winds through the property which also includes wetlands and three diverse ponds.

The preserve features paved trails, wide and flat earthen trails, and narrow, winding trails climbing steep grades. In late spring, the ground is covered with Mayapple, wild geranium, blue-eyed Mary, and Dutchman’s breeches.

Asherwood is also home to a dense stand of towering sugar maples called a “sugar bush.” If you visit in February, you might see old-fashioned metal buckets hanging on trees, collecting sap. In the property’s historic sugar shack, the sap is boiled down to make fresh maple syrup at the end of each winter.

Asherwood in Wabash Indiana.