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Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run
1866 E Baumbauer Road, Lagro
This Acres Land Trust property is a spectacular gorge with waterfalls, reef fossils, exposed bedrock, and vertical cliffs as high as 75 feet. On this terrain are mature oaks, some with trunks over four feet in diameter.
Kokiwanee Nature Preserve
5821 Mater Road, Lagro

The Acres Landtrust property features bluffs along the Salamonie River as well as streams tumbling down waterfalls into the river. Dog-friendly hiking trails and a great spot to photograph eagles and local wildlife.

Asherwood Nature Preserve
7496 W State Road 124, Wabash

Deep ravines divide beech/maple& oak/hickory forests on narrow ridge tops. This Acres Land Trust property has over 300 species of woody and herbaceous plants and 140 species of birds have been observed.

Wabash City Trails
Trail starts at Paradise Spring Historical Park

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Wabash River and the historic architecture of Wabash while cycling/walking/jogging the Wabash City Trail network.

Mississinewa Lake & Trails
5613 E Mississinewa Dam Road, Peru

Many trails available year round featuring levels ranging from easy to rugged. Enjoy beautiful wildflowers, ponds, and extensive wildlife on the 14,386-acre property.

477 Vermont Street, Wabash

The Wabash City Park boasts this gorgeous Waterfall that rushes over layers of chiseled rock.

Charley Creek Gardens
551 N Miami Street, Wabash

Although this is a man-made waterfall it is a beautiful waterfall tucked in a beautiful garden. A gorgeous photo op, or special spot, have a seat and take a few deep breaths to the sound of rushing water, this spot is a must-see.

Kissing Falls
5825 E 50 S, Lagro

Hike the 1.5-mile looped trail back to this amazing waterfall. This waterfall is not a very well-known waterfall but it is formed by a stream falling over the drop-off from a cut-out in a rock formation. The view is incredible year-round.

Matlock Falls
3121 S Old State Rd 15, Wabash

This beautiful waterfall cascades down a gorge of limestone. It can be found along Treaty Creek and is easily accessible through Matlock Cemetery.

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