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6 Must-See Waterfalls Near You

Waterfalls are a simple concept, but always a wonder to behold. There’s something about the rushing of water that instantly connects us back to nature. With a sound that calms us and whose sight fills us with wonder, there’s no denying visiting a waterfall every now and then can have huge benefits. Wabash County is rich with this wonder both big and small, so let’s dive into six different spots you can take in the beauty of our local waterfalls.

1. Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run

1866 E Baumbauer Rd, Wabash

Hathaway Preserve is a gorgeous nature preserve tucked away for a perfect afternoon adventure. As you enter the preserve, you can hear the whispers of this waterfall beckoning you. Follow the trail markers (and your ears) to this spectacular little escape and let nature’s peace wash over you.

2. Kissing Falls at Kokiwanee Nature Preserve

5825 E 50 S, Lagro

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Sure Netflix and chill is an okay date night option but why not lace up some hiking boots, pack a picnic, and enjoy a magical dinner by Kissing Falls? Bonus points if you bring battery-operated candles.

3. Charley Creek Falls (Located at the Wabash City Park)

Charley Creek Falls in Wabash County
477 Vermont St, Wabash

Did you know such a gorgeous getaway was located right in the heart of town? Wabash City Park boasts this gorgeous waterfall that rushes over layers of chiseled rock. There are picnic tables located just outside the falls and it’s a short walk from the park’s playground. This is the perfect spot to take the family for an afternoon of fun that’s close by and free!

4. Salamonie Falls

9214 Lost Bridge Rd W, Andrews

Wabash is truly a special place that offers so many nature preserves and state parks. Salamonie State Park is one of the more popular spots with its expansive hiking trails, fishing, camping, and bridle trails. Among all these wonderful amenities there is, you guessed it, a waterfall! There are actually several smaller falls like Frog Falls you can also discover on your adventures in this gorgeous state park.

5. Matlock Falls

3121 S Old State Rd 15, Wabash

This beautiful waterfall cascades down a gorge of limestone. It can be found along Treaty Creek and is easily accessible through Matlock Cemetery. Here are a few fun facts about the cemetery. It was named after Wabash’s first Mayor. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Wabash County. There is also a headstone in the Wabash Museum because ti was stolen for having a funny last name. The headstone was found and given to the museum because it came up during an estate action.

6. Charley Creek Gardens

Charley Creek Gardens in Wabash County
551 N Miami St, Wabash, IN 46992

Our last waterfall on this list is another that’s located right in town at the Charley Creek Gardens. No need to change into muddy shoes or hike any distance to take in this gorgeous waterfall. Surrounded by a bounty of flowers as you enter the dazzling Charley Creek Gardens, it sets a peaceful tone for the rest of your visit. A gorgeous photo op, or a special spot to have a seat and take a few deep breaths to the sound of rushing water. This spot is a must-see! 

There you have six great reasons to get outside and take in a little bit of wonder. With locations in our amazing preserves, state parks, and at the heart of town, there’s no excuse for you to miss out on these amazing waterfalls. Pack that picnic and cut the crusts off that sandwich, it’s time to make some special memories. 

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